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Music is known to have a profound effect on the lives of people. Beyond helping elevate moods and causing people to relax, music has been proven to heal and mould minds, reaching deep down into the psyche and enabling a type of fulfillment that can never be transcended by anything else.

Carnatic music is a complex, highly technical and aesthetically unique art form that demands a rigorous training regimen and several years of disciplined practice under the watchful guidance of a Guru.

The challenge then is to make this beautiful art available to the next generation, whether they are in remote towns like Manjakudi (near Kumbakonam) or Thillaisthanam (near Thiruvaiyyaru), caught up in the hustle and bustle of Chennai, and even if they are differently-abled.

Hitham was founded by the acclaimed Carnatic vocalist Bombay Jayashri to help unlock the treasures of Carnatic music to all children.

This journey has helped Jayashri realize that her experience of working with children from varying backgrounds and capabilities, has been the greatest teacher in her life. She has almost had an epiphany that the entire purpose of being bestowed with a divine gift of music has been to connect with and enrich young, creative, curious and sometimes differently abled minds. The shared joy she finds along with these children is beyond anything else she can ever expect to experience in life. Consequently, she pursues this outreach through Hitham with single-minded tenacity.

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