The Gift of Music

October 24th 2012, the auspicious day of Vijayadashami, marks the day that Bhoomika Trust restarted its series of concerts at Vishranthi, home for the senior citizens by young students.

Ever since, we have had 13 concerts as of May 2013 at many senior citizens homes, orphanages, facilities for the specially abled and mentally challenged, including Avvai Home, The Banyan, SOS Children’s village, Arunodhayam, Adayar Cancer Institute and the list goes on.

For this to be made possible we have to thank several individuals for their support and gracious contributions made for this cause. It has made it possible for these concerts to be a success and has contributed towards a fulfilling and wholesome experience for the listeners as well as the performers.

Here is what some of the performing musicians had to say:

“This has been the most gratifying experience for me.”

“Today i really felt music and my life with music has a meaning.”

“The thatha paati s were so cute, I was so moved…”

“I feel so blessed by them.”

“I feel privileged to be able to bring a smile onto their faces.”

Sometimes  I wonder if we have made our music very exclusive…. should it not be shared with more? Is music not meant to make more people happy?