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Meera The Soul Divine

Release Date: 30 th July, 2016

Meera, The Soul Divine

This production is an attempt to look at the life of Meera from the perspective of a spiritual journey, rather than a historical one. Born a princess, into the lap of luxury, Meera renounced it all, to follow a spiritual quest and thereby, came to be hailed by all posterity, as one of the greatest saint poetesses of Bharatvarsha (India). She was a woman of deep conviction, was defiant of the blind strictures of societal norms and had unshakeable faith in Krishna. The bonding with her beloved Giridhari was perhaps one that covered several janmas (births).


Choreography, Visualization & Direction by Chitra Visweswaran (Padma Shri awardee)


Chitra Visweswaran, Sukanya Ravindhar Srinivasan, Vidya Ravindran Anand, Uma Nambudripad Sathya Narayanan, Arupa Lahiry, Jai Quehaeni Reddy, Sharmada, Vishwanath, Nandini Ganesan, Shruthe Raammohan & Sahasra Sathyanarayanan

Music by Bombay Jayashri Ramnath

“Pyaare Darshan” tuned by R Visweswaran

Jathi Composition by Chitra Visweswaran

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered At VGP Studios By Biju James

Nattuvangam: Chitra Visweswaran & Sukanya Ravindhar

  • Flute: Kamlakhar
  • Violin: Embar Kannan
  • Sitar : L.Kishore Kumar
  • Shehnai : Ballesh
  • Saarangi : T.Manonmani
  • Percussion: S.Ganapathi
  • Mridangam: Sumesh. S.Narayanan
  • Dolki : Dolki Manikandan

Voices: Bombay Jayashri Ramnath, S.Girijashankar, A.Narayanan, Santosh Subramanian, Chaitrra Sairam, Swetha Sriram, Vijayashri Vittal, Amrit Ramnath, Sumesh. S.Narayanan, Uma Nambudiripad, Sathyanarayanan & Ayushmaan Sairam

** Traditional Bhajans Included

Lighting Design : Murugan K
Lighting & Technical Support : Suresh Rajendran
Line Sets : V V Ramani

Chitra Visweswaran

Eminent dancer- intuitive teacher and a choreographer par excellence, Chitra Visweswaran, a legend in the field of Indian dance, has the distinction of being a scholar, thinker & seeker. Deep-rooted training in dance & music fuelled by an inner thirst for knowledge has made Smt Chitra Visweswaran a name to reckon with. Her research directed towards the extension of the existing Bharatanatyam repertoire has led to the creation of a voluminous body of work, covering several margams, thematic solo, group /dance theatre productions, which reflect individuality and are a synergy of tradition & innovation. She is currently serving as Member Secretary, Tamilnadu Iyal Isai Nadaka Manram and also brings her expertise and experience to ABhai- Association of Bharatanatyam Artistes of India which she heads as President. Amongst several honours received by her a few are listed under – Padma Shri (1992), Sangeet Natak Akademi Award (1987),
Kalaimamani(1983), Japan Foundation Award for Excellence Honorary Citizenship of the City of Bourges. Chitra is also blessed with the title “Arsha Kala Bhushanam” by Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

Bombay Jayashri Ramnath

The contemplative quality, her expository technique giving space for creativity, her intuitive and melodic approach; all these lend a spiritual tone to Bombay Jayashri’s music. With a career extending over two decades, Jayashri is today among the most sought after Carnatic musicians. Her work has won her the acclaim of prestigious institutions in India and abroad. Jayashri has deployed the essence of the classical idiom most effectively in her search for avenues beyond the concert format. More recently she has harnessed her skills towards composing music as a powerful catalyst in promoting our rich legacy in literature and other art forms which have opened up new vistas for exploring her creative instincts. Her composition for the operatic ballet based on the Tamil Epic – ‘Silapadhikaaram’ is an example of this. Another dimension to music which Jayashri is focused on is in exploring the therapeutic and healing value that music can generate. She has been working closely with institutions caring for autistic children to help open up their senses through the medium of music. This is a deep and long commitment which she has taken on and a very laudable one at that. Her researches into music as we can see are unending, and besides her musical performances, she continues to deliver workshops all over the world on the subject of World Music. Her contribution and involvement with schools where she has conducted workshops and interactive sessions to kindle interest amongst school children into our rich tradition of music is her way of giving back something of what she has gained. Her very limited foray into film music has drawn a new class of listeners into the world of classical music. Jayashri represents the model emerging new generation musician India is proud of. A seamless blend of uncompromising adherence to the core tradition of classical carnatic music as well as a ceaseless quest for quality music in any form would best personify Jayashri. Smt. Bombay Jayashri is blessed with the title “ArshaKala Bhushanam” by Swami Dayananda Saraswati.