Technical Rider



  1. Vocal
  2. Violin
  3. Mridangam
  4. Kanjira
  5. 2 Tamburas & Vocal support

Stage requirements :

1. Riser on stage:

a)Size : 12 feet (Depth) x 15 feet (Width)

b)Height : 2 feet

c)Seating on Carpet (No soft mattress or Gaddis)

d)To be fully covered with White Sheet

2. Audio and Electricals

a) 8 mikes : – 2 for vocal, 1 for violin, 2 for mridangam,1 for kanjira,

1 for Vocal support and 1 for the electronic tampura

b) Mike Type : Shure57/58

For Vocal, condenser mike is also ok depending on the hall acoustics

c) Two nos. 3 pin electrical connection is required

d) All short mike stands for floor seating

e) 2 monitors for feedback in front of the riser or in the wings

3. Lighting

a) Yellow lights preferred but no tube lights

b) Stage lighting should not be too bright

c)Auditorium lights to be dimmed during the concert

The Artistes will require a Tech rehearsal on the day of the concert.

Upcoming Concerts
6.30-8.30 pm

Ramco Founders’ Day celebration

TTD Kalyana Mandapam

7.30 pm

Sankat Mochan Sangeeth Samaroh

At the Temple premises