Deft handling of repertoire of ragas

Bombay Jayashree explored the interesting complexities of Kalyani effortlessly.Photo: G. Moorthy

The fourth day’s performance at the 66th anniversary celebration of Sri Sathguru Sangeetha Samajam here on Sunday was a vocal concert of Bombay Jayashree with Mysore V. Srikanth on the violin, Delhi Sairam on the mrudangam and S. Krishna on the ghatam.

Jayashree began with Puliyur Sri Duraiswami Iyer’s kriti ‘Sarasiruhasana Priye’in Naattai, set to Adi Talam, a naama stuti on Goddess Saraswathi.

Her next selection was ‘Nadaloludai,’ a composition of Saint Tyagaraja in Kalyanavasantham, in which he describes the importance of Nada to attain eternal bliss. The next karuna rasa song, ‘Marivere Gati Evaramma’ in Anandabhairavi, in which composer Shyama Sastri pleads with Goddess Meenakshi that “on this earth, there is no one except you, who gives protection to those who take shelter in you.”

Her Chittai swarams inspired the violinist to follow suit with his version of it.

She went on to sing ‘Santana Gopala Krishnam Upssmahe’ in Kamas, set to Rupakatala, a Muthuswamy Dikshitar kriti, on the the presiding deity Mannargudi Santanagopalaswami .

She explored the interesting complexities of Kalyani effortlessly and built the alapana meticulously for Etavuanra Nilakada’ with excellent support from Srikanth on the violin, Sairam on the mridangam and Krishna on the Ghatam to a resounding applause.

Jayashree then went on to sing ragam and tanam in Abheri for the pallavi, Karunai Puriya Mamayileri Va,’in which rasikas found both the singing and violin play unique and engrossing.

The deft handling of a repertoire of ragas was well appreciated by the audience.

Sairam on the mridangam played a variety of beats during the tani with good partnership from Krishna on the ghatam to win a big round of applause.

With a short viruttam on Tiruppanazhvar’s ‘Amalanathipiran,’ she sang ‘Pozhudhu Miga Achuthe’ in Revati by Ambujam Krishna, Tirupugazh and a Thillana, Mathavan Maruga Malarinai’ in Bahag to conclude the concert.

S. Padmanabhan

 THE HINDU 10 JAN 2018