Lecture Demonstration for SPIC MACAY

10:30 AM

Venue: PSBB School, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

Lecture demonstration for SPIC MACAY

SPIC MACAY is a non political nationwide voluntary movement that provides students and youth of India a glimpse on our composite heritage . Programmes of classical music, dance, folk, arts, crafts, yoga classical cinema, heritage walks are organised in schools and colleges throughout India and abroad to make education more holistic and meaningful by highlighting all that is abstract, subtle, inspiring and mystical thus teaching one to look within .

Lecture demonstration organised by SPIC MACAY in the premises of different schools and colleges give the students not only a chance to know and understand about the art form but also an opportunity to interact directly with Artistes. It provides artistes a unique opportunity to connect with thousands of young and curious minds and help them to grow to respect and be proud of their inheritance.