A Day at Ability Foundation

When we started this series of sessions partnering with Ability Foundation little did I know that Abinaya and I are in for yet another bundle full of new joy.

The kids walk in with their parent , into parampara s beautiful space. As always they are a bit diffident to start with. They are running around a bit, but soon, once we have sung a few songs its like some magical cloud starts descending onto their faces and their eyes, like some magical bond has woven its way suddenly between them and us.

One child comes close to Abinaya and puts her ears on a her lips. Another smothers me with kisses on my head, yes and another puts his head on Abinaya’s lap and one just clasps my hand and his and sways with the rhythm.. pure joy!!

And slowly, as time goes by, one can even hear a soulful,tuneful part of the song being hummed along!