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A song in praise of the mother of the great …

Unplugged Musings

Alignment – The way she perceives

The experience of alignment by Bombay Jayashri Ramnath Untrained voices …


Music Productions

Meera The Soul Divine

Meera, The Soul Divine This production is an attempt to …

Unplugged Musings

‘Mehdi Hassan’s voice conquered love itself’

Bombay Jayashri in tribute to the Ghazal Maestro “Zindagi mein to …

Hitham Blog

It is never too early to learn music even in a remote village

Manjakudi is a tiny village on the banks of the …

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Thyagaraja Jayanthi Homage

Thyagaraja Bhavanam, Thiruvarur

7:00 PM

From India with Love

DUCTAC, Centre point Hall, Dubai